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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Why I love London..

Or one reason at least..

So, I was on the tube station platform looking at a poster for a DVD retailer. On the poster were the stars of three DVD box sets that they were trying to shift: Hugh Laurie as Dr House, the Blonde cylon from Battlestar Galactica, and Claire Bennett, the indestructable cheerleader from Heroes.

Ok? Got that.

So, on the poster, in biro, someone had written:

"Why are MEN on TV allowed to be flawed and old, but WOMEN have to be fucking perfect and beautiful? BASTARDS"

And underneath it, someone else had written:

"Well, you stupid cow, one of the women is in fact A ROBOT DESIGNED TO BE A REPRESENTATION OF A PERFECT WOMAN, and the other is a superhero who's power is that she CANNOT BE FLAWED. Moron."

This was excellent enough, but then, under that, someone had written:

"JEEVES!" with an arrow pointing to Hugh Laurie

and under that someone else has written:

"No. Wooster. Read your fucking Wodehouse"