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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Big Brother is watching you. And shouting at you.

Seen this?

'Talking' CCTV scolds offenders

"Talking" CCTV cameras that tell off people dropping litter or committing anti-social behaviour are to be extended to 20 areas across England.
They are already used in Middlesbrough where people seen misbehaving can be told to stop via a loudspeaker, controlled by control centre staff.
About £500,000 will be spent adding speaker facilities to existing cameras.


OK, so apart from the obviously horrific Big Brotherness of it all - and don't get me wrong - it IS horrific - my question is this:

Who will get the voice-over gig? It's a biggie - surely lucrative, and with great market awareness.

There can only be a couple of contenders, and frankly, there's not much that could make me angrier about the current surveilance state that the UK has become, but having Jimmy Carr or Justin Lee Collins telling me to walk not run might just be the tipping point into revolution. First against the wall, boys, first against the wall.


Jason said...

haha why wait for the revolution i say to hell with them against the wall now

Mat Ricardo said...

You raise a fine point sir.