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Friday, 6 April 2007

Not so silent...

Last night we went to see a Kevin Smith Q&A. It was 4+ hours of fun, although it was a little scary being trapped in a big room with quite so many late teen alpha geeks. While queueing for popcorn I encountered a couple having a very heated discussion about the relative merits of Terminator 3 vs The Phantom menace. A discussion that was ended when it was agreed that they both "sucked donkey cock". They then went on to have a lightsabre fight with drink straws. The girl couldn't do the noise. Girls can't do this kind of thing, fact of life.

I think Kevin might be one of the best American stand-ups currently working, although he'd never think of himself as a comedian, he clearly is. Even though his material has developed from audience questions, he tends to slide into structured stuff which builds to gags. Don't get me wrong, this is a good thing. He's funny.

Oh, and we learned some brand-new sweary phrases, way too much personal detail about his wife, and which hollywood pretty boy is a "sloppy party bottom".

Good times.

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