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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Dr Pot, meet Dr Kettle...

Dr Aric Sigman is a psychologist who has just released a book called "Remotely Controlled: How TV is damaging our lives", in which he takes very selective research and tries to make a case that your kids aren't badly behaved because you're a crap parent, oh no, it's all TV's fault.

Some of the British TV shows that Dr Sigman has been a guest on include...

Richard & Judy
The Today Programme
The Heaven & Earth show
The Frasier Story
Sex, Lies and Soaps
5 news
Channel 4 news
Live & Kicking (a kids show...)
He has also presented several documentaries on BBC1 and Radio 4
..and he boasts on his agency's website about his "extensive career as a broadcaster"

Amazing how 10 minutes with Google can expose someone's double-standards, innit?

(You can also learn that Dr Sigman charges £4000-£7000 for after dinner speaking, something he wouldn't be able to do, perhaps, if he hadn't been on all those quality TV shows....)

Seriously..this kind of crap makes Gillan McKeith look professional...

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