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Friday, 1 June 2007

Intrigue in Paris

Ever get the feeling a character from a movie has slipped into real life for a little while?

I was at Charles De Gaul Airport in Pairs, waiting patiently in line to show my passport and go and stand with crossed fingers by the baggage carousel. In front of me was a woman. French, I'd guess, although I didn't hear say a thing, so it's only a guess. In her Early 20's. Not unattractive. wearing jeans, little heels and a beige half-length trench coat. Her dark hair in a little ponytail.

She had one item of carry-on luggage, a white Chanel shopping bag, the black cord handle resting in the crook of her arm. She got my attention not for any of these reasons, but because - and there's no less cliched way of saying this, she looked a little nervous. Looking around a little too much. Checking her watch.

As she turned to look in the opposite direction from me I happened to glance down into her Chanel bag. Not quite knowing what to make of what I saw, I made sure to look a few more times to be certain that I did indeed see, in her bag, a blonde curly wig and a pair of calf-length black leather boots.

In her carry-on luggage.

Spy? Call-girl? Con-artist? If she really had stepped out of a French film, then the chances are all three. The interesting thing here, I think, on reflection, is that I cannot think of any explanation for those items and her behaviour that isn't very, very exciting.

She went through passport control quickly and unchallenged, and strode off into the airport to continue on with what I can only assume was her adventure.

Who wants to read her blog?

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