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Sunday, 2 September 2007

The road will own me

Currently in a poky hotel in Braunschweig, which OK, I have no bloody idea where it is. It's in Germany. Near-ish Hannover. That's as much as I need to know. I'm performing in a really nice variety show held in a beautiful big red tent that holds near on 1000 people. It's a four day gig to provide a little spending money for the long contract that starts next week. There's a bill full of high-skill circus folk - contortionists, arielists, trampolinists, acrobats, tight rope walkers - all nice people and the shows are fun. Tonight after the show we drive back to Hannover and I sleep my first night in the apartment that will be my home for the next two months. Monday morning the rehearsals for the variety theatre in Hannover begin. So far, so good.

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