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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

I'm on BoingBoing!

Giddy with childish glee.

I've been reading BoingBoing for years now - it's pretty much my first morning stop on the web after checking email and (obviously) the wrestling news. Well today they mentioned me, so I believe the correct form of celebratory noise would be "W00t!"

In other news, the theatre show is going well, selling more tickets than we did last year, which is a good thing, and people seem to be enjoying it, which is kinda the point.

Last night tonight then we're off to Barbados for Christmas. We flee the cold.

1 comment:

beautiful stu said...

Hiya Mat, enjoying the blog as ever. Thought the spot on Raymond is Laat was excellent. Especially liked the additonal "magnetism" business with the stuff sticking to the table, it looks GREAT!

My fav bit from BoingBoing; the comment "Did he really call them all bastards?"

See you soon I hope,