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Friday, 4 January 2008

End of year mullarkey

It's been quite the year.

Started it by closing up "The Impossibles" at Croydon, a show I was very proud of, with a lovely cast, which played to tiny audiences thanks to the theatre' we say "creative" approach to marketing. Still, one London newspaper reviewed us and Jack Black on the same page and we got more stars than the overrated fat boy, so that's something.

Then the travelling began. Dubai first, then the Caribbean, then a few months of Greece, Turkey and Italy with a cruise ship. Then Hannover to play in the gardens. Then Toronto to play in the streets. Then Hannover again, this time to play on the same stage that Josephine Baker and Bob Bramson worked. Then back to the Caribbean. Then the big finish - Deptford - for a show with swearing, sleaze and decent audiences! And currently a cosy front room in chilly London.

Met lots of new friends, got closer to some old ones, and lost one of my best.

An amazing, tiring, beautiful, rewarding, and completely heartbreaking year.

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