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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Jet Lag and lost bags made flesh

Robe - stolen from Crown Princess Spa.
Sunglasses - bought in Miami in an attempt to emulate the great Horatio Cane.
Luggage tag - model's own.

In the last 24 hours I have been to Aruba and Miami and San Juan and St. Lucia and am now en route to Antigua. I have had three pizzas (1 room service and 2 airport) and slept 3 hours. This is simultaneously wheeeeeeeeee and ick.

Also, to add to the crazy, American Airlines thought it'd be a hoot to leave my luggage in San Juan, while I flew on to St. Lucia. They were mistaken in this. Luckily, and thanks to a plucky and heavily motivated and medicated taxi driver, my bags arrived by at the cruise ship literally five minutes before we were due to set sail.

Then, as soon as I got on board the ship, I had to do two shows. I have been up since 2am and flown through more time zones than Superman when he reverses time to save Lois. The shows were fine, but everything's a little blurred and shiny through my eyes.

Wheeeeee. Ick.

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