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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Not progress

When I was a kid, lolly sticks used to have jokes on. You'd see the set up, and then have to eat the lolly to have the tagline revealed. Genius. Except the DC comics superhero lollies - they had little statuettes of Batman and Superman in white plastic hidden under the frozen cola flavour. Brilliant. And in the 70's I distinctly remember my mum bringing home Red Arrow lollies - licensed from the air force air display team no less, which had sticks that you combined post-lolly, with a set of wings from the packaging to make - yes! - a plane that actually flew.

These days lollys don't have any of these things on the sticks. They have a website address where you can "find out more".

This is not progress.

AND you have to look very hard to find cereal with a toy in. Boo.

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