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Monday, 21 March 2011

Bookshop Bunny

Another in my ongoing project "Showgirls in mundane locations" brings us the mighty Beatrix Von Bourbon in a second hand bookshop.

The more I work on this project, the more it seems to mutate slightly. It started as a jokey way to put glamourous performers in dull places for simple witty shots, and almost immediately became a commentary on how performers see themselves, and how being cool, sexy and in a spotlight sits with the more boring aspects of life that everyone does on a daily basis.

But now it's changing again - the more I start to think about matching performers to locations, the more those locations seem to be fitting the performer and showing a little bit more of them. Beatrix, for example, is very well read and prides herself - correctly - on being able to get all academic on your ass about a variety of topics. Pity the fool who engages her about the gender politics of her chosen profession. So Housemans bookshop - "London's premier radical bookshop" - with it's shelves heaving under the weight of dog-eared old copies of Greer, Dworkin, et al, seemed perfect. Lovely people too.

bunny ears and copy of Satre: Model's own.

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