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Friday, 13 May 2011

Better to be busy than not

Things have got crazy busy. I'm not complaining - I'd rather have too much to do then not enough. There was a point last week when in the course of 24 hours, I'd shot and processed three different photoshoots, conducted an interview and done a show. Got to the point where I was totally unaware if anything I'd done was any good, so hard had I been focussing on just getting all of it done. Luckily one of the shoots produced the pic above, for the batshit crazy Bluestockings night, which people seem to like, so phew.

The next couple of weeks get - if anything - more hectic. I'm off to Belgium for a one night gig on Sunday, then have pretty much something every night next week, which will culminate in a technical rehearsal for a telly thing that I will be allowed to tell you about in a couple of weeks. Relax, it's not exciting, it's ITV.

Then there's the stuff that the professional side of my brain says I should tell you about, namely, that tickets have gone on sale for my 2011 Edinburgh festival show -"MAT RICARDO: THREE BALLS AND A NEW SUIT".

I'm delighted to have my show produced by Blond Ambition & O'Connor Ents, and I'm really looking forward to getting back into it, and into the associated nutso world of the Edinburgh festival.

It's largely the same show as last year with the following differences:

(1) 12% new material, mainly about Britain's Got Talent
(2) At least one new trick
(3) An actual new suit
(4) The venue is better, and gorgeous
(5) Hardly anyone actually saw it last year, so shut up

You can buy tickets here
There's a gorgeous little preview write-up that made me all teary, here
And there's a facebook group thing here

Please come, obviously.

I know I'm whinging about the busyness, but really, seriously, I couldn't be happier. Right now things seem to be dropping into place better than they ever have before, and this brings with it terror and fear and self-questioning, but also happiness and progress and creation. So, basically what I'm saying is, Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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