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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Spaceman George

Press image photoshoot with George Fuller - a clown, acrobat and slack-rope walker. Originally from Chicago, he's been a solid part of the UK scene for years now, having just finished up a season with No Fit State Circus. I first met him through the street performing circuit, and in a world populated mainly by brash showmen, George's stuff struck me as being lovely - gentle, whimsical and sweet.

His latest project involves a man so lonely and disillusioned with people in general that he decides the only reasonable option is to build a rocketship and a spacesuit and go live on the moon. (You can see a little video of some of this show here) - something we can all sometimes relate to, no?

The look of his costume and props is kinda deliberately homebrew-y and steampunk-y so I thought the look of these images - muddied up, grainy and faded - suited the character and show - almost like they were tattered pictures found in the back of an antique cupboard inherited from a great-grandmother, odd and unexplainable.

Also - who knew putting a flashgun inside the helmet would work so perfectly?

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cat said...

fantastic! George looks great - wonderful photos.