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Monday, 20 June 2011

Lady Alex walks the dogs

Yes, it's another in the "Showgirls in Mundane Locations" series!

Top is the main image, but I've thrown in a couple of backstage-y shots too.

This time, we have the beautiful, talented and batty-as-chairs Lady Alex - kingpin (or should that be Queenpin?) of the completely fabulous Wam Bam Club which reduces London's Cafe De Paris to a blushing wet mess every Saturday night, and of which I am a bit of a regular in my performing capacity.

The little white dog, Sookie, is Alex's, and can always be found backstage at Wam Bam being given bits of Pringle by giggling burlesque performers. She has a plastic Marilyn Monroe dog toy, which has lost half it's head from being chewed and now looks like a dark commentary on the nature of celebrity, rather than a kitsch plastic novelty.

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