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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mat Ricardo's London Varieties March 8th!

Thanks to everyone who came to the launch night of Mat Ricardo's London Varieties - I had a ball, and I hope you did too - you were lovely!

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 Next months show is on Thursday the 8th of March, and boy howdy do we have a kickass line-up for you...


The UK's big breakout crossover genre-smashing musical cabaret double act will invade the Varieties and bring with them their brand of popmusicy-seriocomic-mashparodic-stereophonic-LOUD-vaudevillian-sketchcabaret-throwbackcurrent-oldfangled-newfashioned-bapsbotty-infotainment.

It's going to be special.


However cool you think you are, you're wrong.
Bow down and prepare to fall in love with The Twilight Players.

In their own words:
The Explosive power of The Nicholas Brothers and the hi-di ho’s of Cab Calloway in ‘Stormy Weather', the grace and style of Gene Kelly in ’Singing In The Rain’, the razzmatazz of Sammy Davies Jr at ’The Sands’, the vivid Technicolor of the 1974 Bollywood classic ’Sholay’ and the Latin Rhythms of Tito Puente. The morbid screams of ‘Ghostown’ by The Specials, the relentless and self proclaimed cool of Kid Creole and the Coconuts and finally the sweet taste of Minneapolis humour with a dash of chilli source from Morris Day and The Time.


Juggler, yo-yo-ist, 21st centruty showman and Guiness world record breaking entertainer, Arron is going to knock your socks so far off, you might as well resign yourself to a lifetime of flip-flops.




We are honoured to have as our special guest Graham Linehan.

Arguably the most successful, influential and just plain funniest comedy writer the UK has seen in recent memory, Graham is the comedy mind behind Father Ted, The IT Crowd, Black Books and Big Train, while contributing to most of the most important UK sketch comedy shows of the last couple of decades. His play "The Ladykillers" is currently playing to sell-out audiences in London's West End.

He will be talking to me on stage about his influences, and the stuff in light entertainment, variety and comedy that makes him laugh.


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