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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Cold Call

Just got the best cold call ever. Here we go. Word for word:

Phone: ring ring ring ring

Me: Hello

Man: Hello. Is that the man of the house?

(At this point I detect the twin clues of an Indian accent and an outdated conception of gender roles, and correctly surmise that someone is trying to sell/scam me)

Me: Um. Yes?

Man: Hello. I am from the lifestyle research laboratory. Would you be willing to take a survey about your lifestyle? It will take only a minute and will help people.

Me: Sure.

Man: Ok, first, will you tell me your complete postcode and house number?

Me: No.

Man: What?

Me: No.

Man: (suddenly very angry) You think you are a funny? You think you are a funny? you should be a clown, yes? You should be a clown on stage.

Me: I am. That's exactly what I do.

Man: You. What? You. (He hangs up)

I cannot tell you how much pleasure this gave me.

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