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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Thank You

Well that was a hectic few weeks.

A few weeks ago, after a session with my therapist in which we talked about how best to handle the inevitable unpredictability of life, I came home to find a letter from our landlords telling us they wanted us out so they could sell our flat. I also had, on my desk, barely a half page of written notes that made up all I could remember from last years Edinburgh show, that I had agreed to re-write and put on in London. Fast forward to now, and the weekend in which I played my one man show to full houses was the same weekend in which we finally managed to buy the flat they tried to throw us out of. Epic win, as the kids say.

So, I need to thank some people.

Obviously, Lesley, for doing most of the heavy mental lifting mortgage-wise, while I held onto my head with both hands shouting "it's full of bees!", and for being, y'know, generally great, and making killer soups and roast dinners and not going mad.

Kirsty, who was technically my sound and lights lady, but also very quickly filled the role of sidekick. I spend most of time working alone, so it was great to have someone around to annoy and buy cakes for. Also, her Lady Di act is going to slay you.

CJ, Franco, Ben at Time Out, and everyone who gave me nice reviews and helped bring people's attention to the show - it means a lot. As a juggler, it's hard enough to get taken seriously or noticed at all, but you've all been very generous with your praise. Expect to see every last drop wrung out of your quotes!

And, everyone else.. It strikes me that the best part about doing a London run of one's own show is having a reason to invite a bunch of friends to drink downstairs in the pub with you afterwards. Every night I looked around and saw pockets of my friends from the various little worlds in which I live - there's a bunch of street performers I've known since the 80s, over there are some crazy cool burlesquers, here's a RADA trained writer/director/genius etc. A certain very well-known TV writer also came, which meant an awful lot. Nice to be able to do something that makes him laugh rather than the usual other way around.

I've had a bunch of conversations with the lonely teenage me (see pic at top of page) over the last few weeks. He'd be amazed at what my life has become, and so am I.

So, thanks everyone. I take none of this for granted, and enjoy every moment.

Yes, and.

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