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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Fifi Femelle at the gym

Yes, it's another entry in the "Showgirls in mundane locations" project. This time, the excellent Fifi Femelle, head honcho of Cabaret Rouge, resident dancing girls at the glorious Wam Bam Club, where I am lucky enough to be a regular performer. Big thanks to Richard at Gymbox for letting me shoot there.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the more I do this project, the more the locations seem to be fitting the models. I approached Miss Femelle to do this set-up without any knowledge that in her real life, she is, in fact, a personal trainer at a gym.

The top image is the one that'll go into the project, but I kinda liked the other two as well, so I include them here so you can see some of the other ideas we tried. I snuck a little wirelessly triggered speedlite onto the console of the machine she was on, which I hoped would light her face and costume, and make her kinda stand out and glow a little bit in the dark gym. I really like the way the feathers on her headress are all blurry in the top pic - this is due to the fact that the treadmill was moving and she was actually running. I was happy to have her pretend to run in a static pose, but she suggested that we get the machine going, and she was clearly right. Always good to work with models who have better ideas than you!

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Hellen said...

These are fantastic! My favorites in this series, so far..