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Monday, 4 April 2011

Phoning it in

A handful of pictures taken using my phone's camera over the last few months. I try to take the proper camera wherever I go, but sometimes (usually when I'm performing) it's impractical to pack it along with all the stupid luggage that my act needs. So recently I've started using the phone more and more (It's an HTC Desire, and I use the stock camera app, and "Vingette" which has a nice Ilford b&w process). It's not a spectacularly great camera, but it's tiny and always in my pocket, so more and more I've found that if you're careful, and lucky, you can create some rather nice, intimate images.

Also, in other news: As you may have noticed, I'm updating the blog lots recently. I've cut down on a few places online where I do things in order to focus more on the blog, so the plan is for there to be much more stuff being posted here than there has been in the recent past. So keep checking back, leaving comments, and letting me know if I'm being good, or talking shit. I know you will!

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