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Monday, 6 June 2011

Hagen & Chutzpah!

Had the pleasure of Audacity Chutzpah and Laurie Hagen coming by the studio today to shoot an image for the poster for their upcoming show "Hagen & Chutzpah's Night of Stuff!". They are, and I don't think they'll mind me saying this, stylish, glamorous, and completly batshit nutbag crazy. If you like your burlesque witty and silly, then get yourself some tickets for this show. I also hear there's a promising young juggler on the bill, who they're giving a chance to.

So, while they were around we also took the chance to grab a couple of new "Showgirls in Mundane Locations" shots. If you're new here, this is an ongoing personal project that tries to talk about the duality of a performers life by putting showgirls locations. Up we skipped to the laundrette at the end of my street, which was completely empty, allowing us to walk in, set up the shot, and get out without anyone ever knowing. Photo ninjas, that's us.

We had planned to go up to the local park and shoot both ladies on a park bench with cans of cider looking the worse for wear, but we'd timed it wrong, and the park was full of schoolkids and - amazingly - policemen. Suddenly it became apparent that this wasn't the best time to shoot some showgirls getting drunk, so we turned tail and retreated back to the studio, where we shot Audacity on the toilet.

And then, as Laurie was getting ready to go home, I watched her put on the red scarf and hat, dragged her over to the window and shot that little portrait using just the natural light. Happy with all the shots today, and happy is good.

Tickets for "Mat Ricardo: Three Balls and as Good Suit" at the Voodoo rooms, Edinburgh festival are now available here.

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