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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Nazis, Slags and dangerous clowns...

Lovely to be part of Time Out's "Friday Night Freakshow", at the Udderbelly on the South Bank, which featured - amongst many other things - the people referenced in the headline to this piece. Completely packed bill chock full of greatness. Always a nice feeling to be in a show alongside a bunch of acts that, if I was putting on a show, would be high up on my list of people to call.

Also worth pondering that a few short years ago a show like this would have had trouble existing, let alone drawing a sell-out crowd on the South Bank and being promoted by Time Out. I often joke that I waited twenty-odd years for the cabaret, variety and burlesque circuits to arrive so I could work them, but it's pretty much true. When I first started doing what I do, the choice of venues were not great - either Butlins and seaside Summer season gigs, where you'd be patronised by the older acts and paid little in both money and respect, or the "alternative" comedy circuit (as it still was back in the late 80's) where the stand-ups would look down on you for daring to have props and not just go on stage with a beer in your hand and slag off Thatcher. The third option was, of course, street performing, which is where people like me gravitated and thrived. But I always fantasized about cool venues with savvy audiences and shows full of glamour, and fun, and silliness, and spectacle. It took a couple of decades and change, but here it is, and here I am. Patience paid off.

There's another night at the Udderbelly on the first of July with pretty much the same line-up, so get yourself down there and see some deluxe, top-shelf crazy.

Tickets for "Mat Ricardo: Three Balls and as Good Suit" at the Voodoo rooms, Edinburgh festival are now available here.

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