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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

"Mat Ricardo - Three Balls and a New Suit" At the Voodoo Rooms throughout the Edinburgh Festival

Oh I'm going to be a busy boy in August. A whole month of comedy in various diferent rooms fueled entirely by deep-fried pizza and vegetarian haggis (Vaggis). I can't wait.

The centrepiece to my Edinburgh will, of course, be the return of my one man show, "Mat Ricardo: Three Balls and a New Suit". I played a small venue on the free fringe last year and a little London run earlier this year, dipped my toe in the water and got a few very kind reviews, but this year I'm cannonballing off the top board with a full festival run at the gorgeous Voodoo Rooms. Every night except Mondays, from the 3rd to the 29th at 9.40 is where you'll find the new version of the show (15% new material, 8% more ranty & a whole new trick!).

Information about the show on the Voodoo rooms website can be found here, and you can buy tickets online here. Please do come.

But that's not all.

I'm also guest starring in "Vive Le Cabaret" at the Pleasance Forth every night at 10.30pm (bearing in mind my own show ends at 10.40, it's lucky that I'll be on in the second half of Vive Le Cabaret..) alongside a bunch of other deluxe quality cabaret monkeys.

Also... from the 3rd to the 7th of August I'm one of the guests on "The Bitch Doctors", where I will be required to rant about things that have annoyed me about the fringe. Shouldn't be a problem with that. 5.30pm, also at the Voodoo Rooms.

Keep an eye out for me popping up as a special guest in The Voodoo Revue, 8.10pm - don't know exactly when I'll be doing that yet though!

For the most up to date info about my movements up to and during Edinburgh, keep an eye on my twitter and facebook.

The Voodoo rooms is a bigger and much more yummy venue than I had last year, so it'd be really nice if we could fill it, especially in the first week. So please, if you have even a passing tolerance to my work, spread the word!

I feel like a fighter training for the big fight. Train hard, fight easy. Keep your hands up and your face pretty.

Thanks, you.

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