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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Bad Bluestocking Debutantes

Very fun photoshoot for the Blue Stocking Society's next shindig, which has the theme "Bad Debutantes" and will take place at the wonderful Bethnal Green Workingmen's club on Wednesday 23rd November. (Facebook based info, here). Great line-up, most of which you can see in the images above. And yes, that's me in the group shot, which means I'll also be performing. And yes, I used a timer to get the photo.

The location for the photos was the frankly amazing Bow Arts Club, which is a batty and wonderful place. Home to artists, the principle seems to be to turn the whole place into a smorgasbord of art, created mainly by those who live and work there. It hangs on every wall, sits on every inch of floor space, dangles from the ceiling and totters on every flat surface. I sat down in an armchair and nearly got concussed by an installation involving a garden gnome pan-frying Lenin, while they both fall into a meat mincer.

One of our hosts greeted us at the door, and then promptly vanished, only to reappear minutes later with the explanation "Sorry, I had to change hats". This is how you win me over.

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