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Saturday 18 August 2012

Some fringe snapshots

Bit of a lazy post, this. Sorry. I'm at the Edinburgh Fringe, and it's been a bit all-encompassing. Once I'm back home safe and sound, not spending my days flyering, and running from show to show in a fragile, sweaty mess, I'll post a proper blog about my experiences here this year, which have been..interesting.

But for now, here's some snapshots from the iPhone to help you, and me, remember that there is fun to be had if you look.

Walker Slater, where I bought my gorgeous costume for this years show.
and there it is..

Tricity Vogue's badges

Actual sunny day. In Edinburgh. And there have been a few.

Cabaret pizza club rules.

Mr. Piffles gets smuggled in places a lot

Only some of you will know what this means. It always brings a smile to my face.

Total sweetheart. Had the pleasure of interviewing him on stage for the best part of an hour. Lucky boy, I am.

Lisa Lottie is great. Fact.

The worlds most adorable sword swallower


Florian throws things around on my show.

Audacity at the cashpoint

Livingspace. And no, he doesn't.

My fingers bleed daily because of this stupid plate routine. Love my job.

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