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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mick Foley

So, as previously noted, one of the highlights of this years Edinburgh Fringe was getting the chance to hang out with, and then interview, the great Mick Foley. Those that know me know that I'm a big pro wrestling fan - my opinion being that it, like street performing, variety and burlesque, is a greatly underrated theatre form. Dismissed as low-brow by those that have never really watched it, but known by those who love it to be often quite a bit cleverer than it appears to be. It's improvisational physical theatre disguised as sport, which makes it worthy of a look from anyone who claims to like underground performative artforms. ooh get me and my long words.

On it's good days, it's also funny, exciting, thrilling - sometimes literally death defying, other times genuinely moving. Which leads us to Mick Foley - a performer who has been all of those things, often in the same match, and who challenges the casual observer's idea of what a pro-wrestler should look like, think, say and do more than anyone else. "Four time World heavyweight champion" and "Three time New York Times bestselling author" don't often refer to the same person, but they do with Mick.

I'd never met him before, we'd been introduced via a mutual friend, but we got on immediately. Over a drink before the show he asked me questions about the fringe, and my experience with it, and we talked about the similarities between my artform and his - Mick mentioning how they're related because they both have roots in carnivals and fairgrounds, and about his recent move into stand-up comedy. And then we continued the conversation on stage, in front of a gorgeous crowd of fans who were, as I was, amazed to get the chance to spend some time with a boda-fide legend in such an intimate and relaxed environment.

So, click here to download the podcast either directly or via iTunes, bnd a couple of quick notes before you do..

At one point in the interview I show a brief piece of footage, which we then talk about - you can see it here.

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