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Wednesday, 3 July 2013



It's the last London Varieties of 2013, and probably ever - but we're going out with a bang!

in conversation

Author, stand-up comedian, and really lovely man Dave Gorman will join us on stage to regale us with stories of his many and varied adventures!


One of the UK's most well-known and successful magicians, the "Sultan of Swindle" will be dropping by to bamboozle, confound and astonish us with tricks as sharp as his wit.


They are, in their own words, "a comedy act, a rock band, and a small group of plucky rebels fighting tyranny and injustice"

You're going to want to witness this.


One of the UK's leading new circus artists, Edd will be performing his mesmerising and truly incredible Chinese pole act.


As it's the last show, it's bring your toys to school day...

Mat Ricardo's London Varieties July 24th Challenge! from Mat Ricardo on Vimeo.

Host MAT RICARDO has vowed to attempt to juggle any three objects brought to the show by members of the audience. He gets three attempts to juggle them for 10 throws, and if he fails, very special guest ANDRE VINCENT will be delivering a custard pie to Mat's face.

Here's what the press said about last months show:

"Excellent" - Chortle

"Mat Ricardo is a major comedic talent....There is something so genuine about Mat’s passion on the show that you can’t forget about it and you end up telling your friends about how amazing it was. It’s not something to be missed at all. He focused on bringing fantastic talent with no filler acts." - The London Index

"An audience at Leicester Square Theatre sat mesmerised...these London Varieties shows have to be seen to be believed!" - New Shopper

This is, as plans stand, the final London Varieties show EVER.

So book now!

Leicester Square Theatre
9.30pm, Wed 24th July

Box office: 08448733433
Or click here to book online.

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